English summary

freelance translator since 2001 focusing mainly (but not only) on literary and legal translations


freelance literary translator (Albatros, Argo, Mladá fronta, BB Art and other publishing houses)
–           literature for adults and children, for list of translations, see section https://www.preklady-kopicova.cz/literarni-preklady/

freelance translator of legal and tax-related texts (clients: Fučík a partneři/ Grant Thornton, 24LCS/ URS, Rein Fund SE, Kriminalistika and others)
–           tax-related and legal texts, texts relating to the GDPR and the AML and FT directives, texts on criminology (Kriminalistika – magazine of the Ministry of Interior, cooperation since 2001)

translator of books and other texts on psychology, psychiatry and pedagogy (clients: Portál publishing house and National Institute of Mental Health)
–           books of self-esteem and motivation games, books on borderline and bipolar disorders (Portál), texts for de-stigmatization of mental diseases (for NIPH), for list of translations for Portál, see section https://www.preklady-kopicova.cz/odborne-preklady/

freelance translator of economic news and media monitoring (news agencies: Česká informační agentura, Newton Media)
–           economic news and monitoring from Czech to English (ČIA), or from German to English (Newton Media)

freelance translator/ post-editor (client: Amazon)
–           post-editing, additional translations of product description from German/ English to Czech

My interests are varied and I welcome opportunities to learn further. I am interested in qi gong and in herbs and other methods of alternative medicine and translate books from these fields as well (see section Odborné překlady – Zdraví a energie).


MA in English and American Literature (Charles University in Prague, Philosophical Faculty, 2004)
–           thesis in English on the subject of my published poetry translation from A.S. Byatt’s novel Possession – focusing on translating poetry in prose context, other areas of interests including theatre, mainly modern Irish drama

two-semester course for translators of legal texts (Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law, 2017)
–           2-semester course in legal theory and EN-CZ legal terminology, including exams successfully passed


· literary quality of texts

· specialised terminology

· work in editorial systems (ČIA, Newton)

· use of CAT tools (Memsource, MemoQ)

· post-editing machine translations


· English: Proficient (CPE)

· German: Advanced

· French: Intermediate

· Irish (Gailge): Lower Intermediate

· Russian: Lower Intermediate

· Japanese: Beginner

· Chinese: Beginner

I am a member of the Czech Literary Translators’ Guild (OP) and the Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP).

If there are any translations I could help you with, please contact me on:
my mobile number: (+420) 605 564 509, e-mail: preklady.kopicova@gmail.com

For reference, see: